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Always remember to rock the stage
  1. Sing higher without hurting your voice.

  2. Proper technique for for voice

  3. Become the dream voice you've always wanted

Get your songs mixed to a professional level and get a chance to be listened on the radio or book a tour

  1. Rock any song, anywhere

  2. Make the seemingly hard tunes come into your fingers.

  3. Focus on your tone


Book a lesson and sing any song you want

Let me mix your song in a pro level

Book a lesson and rock any song

My Music
Theo Nt
Hold And Release 
Dead Poets Society

Composer, Arranger, Mixing / Mastering Engineer, Producer, Vocalist and Guitarist , Theo NT has dedicated his life to the creation of music. He composed/performed in many songs/albums while engineered/produced even many more.

He loves to give vocal lessons and expand his unpiercable modern oriented philosophy in order to find your true voice once and forever.

While giving vocal lessons he also mixed many songs incorporating a vintage tone in his home studio.

Lastly, he also gives guitar lessons where he mostly focus on the tone and the quality of the performance.


Theo Nt, vocal lessons, mixing tips, guitar lessons, music composer
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