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Warm up professionally in just a few minutes and sing like a rockstar

Every rock singer needs to know this in order to skyrocket his/her performance in the next vocal session if there is not enough time for warming up.

And let's admit that the time is always short!

Join the FREE Course and Rediscover Your Voice In Just A Few Minutes.

The Best Part? It's FREE

Watch The Intro if you still have any questions

Most Tips, Lessons or Courses on Rock based Warm Ups didn't work for me for two simple reasons:

  1. The instructors couldn't sing covers or their original songs (if any) and make me feel secure and home. I felt alone and helpless

  2. They didn't know what Rock Singing is all about


So, that's why I made this simple and step by step FREE course in order for you not to experience the same feelings

Let me speak out some truth here because there is some really bad information out there about Rock singing.

Singing rock songs can't be done by drinking alcohol, sleeping three while having a hangover while acting cool at your bandmates, your team and first of all to yourself!

It needs time commitment, deliberate practise and patience! You are an athlete of music!


There is no magic pill and if someone offers you one run away! 


What is inside the course

Learn to breathe again  

The proper way.

Just one exercise to avoid the mistakes you've been making till now

Add power and sustainability to your voice with some unique tips and exercises. Only for those about to rock

Audio files of all the exercises 


+ PDF Cheat Sheet 

Everything you need for a quick and professional Rock oriented Warm Up

I have been taking lessons with Theo for a year now, and I can truly say that I enjoy every lesson as he is an easy-going person! He has helped me find more confidence in my voice. And the show goes on...

Tasos S.

If you want to be a painter you must learn how to paint. In other words you must know the colors and their combinations. If you wanna be a sculptor it's the same. If you want to do anything that you don't know you must learn it from someone who knows it already better than you. It's a general rule of Life. It is exactly the same with singing. The only difference with all the other arts is that in singing you can't see the process but only you can hear the result. In singing the organ is you. You have to learn the inner function of making sound. Your sound. You are the organ. You are a wind instrument. You have to feel the inside movements an muscle coordinations of your body and especially your's a kinesthetic situation. It's an adventure journey. You have to trust someone who made already this journey and listen to his/her advices. Thank you Theo Nt for your patience and support in this journey. You opened me the doors to creativity and exploring my voice... In a journey that never stops and as time passes by it becomes more interesting and exciting!!!!!! 

Your student Nikos Tsopokis

Nikos T.

Theo is a talented musician and coach. I want to say his course is fantastic! I got a new understanding of singing and keep practicing in the right way. Thanks!


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