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Are you fed up watching vocal tutorials without transforming your voice?
Does it sound familiar?

That is because you don't need tons of information to sing better.
It's a practical process that needs time and affection and a plan of specific tips.

Now you have a choice.
Apply my simple and modern method and sing better than anyone else or continue being vocally frustrated.

Imagine yourself a year from today if you make the next step!


Unfortunately, I've been there and tried almost everything

  • I know that you feel frustrated with all the bad information out there or with so-called superb products that seem mediocre.

  • Only God knows how many services or courses I've tried and how many years I've spent on trial and error.

  • I don't want you to be in the same position I've been to so many times and that's why my commitment is to help you bypass the mess and get straight to the core of becoming a PRO singer.

Everyone tells you that you can do it
without digging deeper into your uniqueness.

But now you have the choice to reach your goal.


  • I know that you feel frustrated with all the bad information out there or with so-called superb products that seem mediocre.

  • Only God knows how many services or courses I've tried and how many years I've spent on trial and error.

  • I don't want you to be in the same position I've been and that's why my commitment is to help bypass the mess and get straight to the core of becoming a PRO singer.

NYC Skyline BW

I have been taking lessons with Theo for a year now, and I can truly say that I enjoy every lesson as he is an easy-going person! He has helped me find more confidence in my voice. And the show goes on...

Tasos S.

If you want to be a painter you must learn how to paint. In other words you must know the colors and their combinations. If you wanna be a sculptor it's the same. If you want to do anything that you don't know you must learn it from someone who knows it already better than you. It's a general rule of Life. It is exactly the same with singing. The only difference with all the other arts is that in singing you can't see the process but only you can hear the result. In singing the organ is you. You have to learn the inner function of making sound. Your sound. You are the organ. You are a wind instrument. You have to feel the inside movements an muscle coordinations of your body and especially your's a kinesthetic situation. It's an adventure journey. You have to trust someone who made already this journey and listen to his/her advices. Thank you Theo Nt for your patience and support in this journey. You opened me the doors to creativity and exploring my voice... In a journey that never stops and as time passes by it becomes more interesting and exciting!!!!!!

Your student Nikos Tsopokis

Nikos T.

I am amazed by the progress I have made in only a few vocal lessons with Theo Nt. He has a unique way of communicating and explaining things to me that's really helping me understand my voice. Looking forward to my next lesson!

Nastazia T.

What others say...

1 to 1 coaching is the best

  • I really love courses, I really do and I've applied for many of them out there. Some were great and some were really bad!

  • What's missing from the journey although is the exclusivity and personal services. That's why only the PROs include 1 to 1 online coaching as part of their best packages.

  • That's why I helped so many students through my 15 years of experience.

  • Some of my students got passed into 'The Voice' finalists while others tour around the world successfully!

  • As a singer/songwriter and vocal coach, this is so emotional and inspiring to see it happening...

So, let me detect your vocal problem and solve it like so many others did.

What you'll learn


Understand your voice.

Where you are and you want to go.

I help you create a vision.

No vision means no results!!!


Strengthen your unique instrument with super customized vocal exercises.

No more breaks and cracks!


Build a proper song list to sing any song you want with to the point suggestions to make your voice shine! 


Specific tips for rock n' roll stylised songs


Get review for your live and studio performances


Falsetto register demystified to sing all the notes in every key


Do you want to sing like Mariah Carey?

I've got your back with specific whistle exercises


Power is the key but excessive air is your enemy


Sing styles and categorise your emotion to have a fuller sound


Prove it to yourself and to others without faking it!

into our 1 to 1 sessions


Are you
Ready to take the next step?


No questions asked or hard feelings taken.

If you are not satisfied with my services then I am not happy and I will refund you the whole amount!

Just email me to get your money back!!!

You can walk away now and try unsatisfactory 1 to 1 vocal sessions for 10x the price of my offer         

        ($150 -$1500 per session)


let me be your guide and create a star version of you at a reasonable price.

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What others say...

He will find every trick in the book to make you learn and find your own voice. He won’t rest until you sing your heart out. Apart from the knowledge you get in conditioning your voice maintaining healthy vocal cords and a strong diaphragm, he also focuses on a good performance.

You are in good hands!!

Ren P.

There aren't a lot of people who can sing like Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, or Jeff Buckley. There are even fewer who are also able to teach others how to do it. Believe me, I've checked. Theo NT is one of those rare exceptions. 


I asked for help with my singing almost a year ago. I wanted to develop singing abilities similar to the aforementioned singers. Theo's exercises and advice helped me grow my range, improve my breathing and my tone, get more grit in the voice and better understand the songs that I wanted to sing. It also helped me find my unique voice. Best of all, I didn't wreck my voice doing it.


Theo has also become a friend. He is quick to suggest advice to just about every musical issue. He has the experience to do so. His advice has proven very helpful in developing my own music. 


In short, I think that if you have clear goals about singing, Theo NT can be the guy for you! Developing an ideal voice is a slow process. But, Theo's advice has helped me see consistent growth when it comes to my singing. 


Do it! The world needs more great singers and rock bands!

Eduard B.

Theo Nt is simply amazing. I have been taking vocal lessons with him for 4 years now and he has helped me not only successfully pass LCM's Vocal Grades but also explore and take full advantage of my voice range and possibilities.

His singing technique is impeccable but he also sings from the heart..and this is what really matters for a voice.. to stem from an authentic soul.

Sofia K.

Ultimate pro's bonuses

Sing like Chris Cornell
  • Learn to reach crazy notes with power. No one did better than Chris!
Sing like Thom Yorke
  • Master and demystify the Falsetto register
Sing like Freddie Mercury
  • Sing like nobody's listening
  • Attitude is king!

Imagine a year from today

You have two options

  1. Work with me on a personal - 1 to 1 - basis while in an intensively professional level, bypassing the noise and all those online tutorials that get you confused, apply a proven and examined modern coaching method with TONS of FREE bonuses that changed the lives of a dozen students and professionals or

  2. Walk away right now, continue getting even more confused with mediocre vocal tutorials online, applying an invalidated technique that can not get you anywhere, spend countless hours with no desired outcome at all

It's time to make the right choice

I didn't know what I was doing

Back in 2008-2009, I screamed and yelled incorporating bad technique habits that couldn't make my voice shine and sing the songs I'd always wanted. 

I was trying to fake it till I make it. There was no proper guidance and I was kept in the dark for a long time.

It did take a lot of time to reach my goals and I almost did it by myself.

The safari wasn't appealing by any means and I don't want you to do the same!

Give yourself a chance for a complete transformation of your voice!

Acoustic guitar theo.jpg
NYC Skyline BW

What others say...

Theo is an absolutely fantastic vocal coach who possesses a great understanding of the craft. I have been a lifelong musician; however, this was as an instrumentalist. Once I began working with Theo, he helped me learn the basic fundamentals that are essential for any singer. Even after the first lesson, I was noticing an improvement in my singing ability. Since then, he has helped me refine my technique, increase my range, and help me find my “true” singing voice that best reflects my natural voice.

From the first day of collaboration with this man, you will see that he is technically excellent and that he knows everything about the music services he provides, he is talented, there is no doubt about it. What is really rare is that he has a universal knowledge of the subject of music, he is not just a vocal teacher, but a complete musician who can help you in terms of the career you want to follow and knows exactly what you have to do to succeed. If you want to become a musician you have to try this guy.

Patrick S.

George K.

Choose your plan

  • Basic PRO

    Every week
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 12 sessions
    • 1 hour/session
    • Ideal for amateurs
  • Best Value

    The Ultimate PRO

    Every week
    Valid for 24 weeks
    • 24 sessions
    • 1hour/session
    • Perfect for those who want to take it to the next level
    • How to sing like Chris Cornell - tips ($97 value)
    • How to sing like Thom Yorke - tips ($97 value)
    • How to sing like Freddie Mercury - tips ($97 value)

Vocal lessons anchor

Inside The Ultimate PRO's Package = $0

Total Value = $  



  • Available Online

    1 to 1 free vocal session

    15 min


No questions asked or hard feelings taken.

If you are not satisfied with my services then I am not happy and I will refund you the whole amount!

Just email me to get your money back!!!

  • Why should I choose you as the guide for my journey?
    I would like you to answer this question. How many hours have you spent studying vocal techniques/tips online but it doesn't feel right when you try to sing your favourite or songs of your own? I am sure the answer is you've spent COUNTLESS hours! Now you have the choice to be your guide in order to explore the roadmap correctly and in every detail to unlock your unique instrument!
  • Do you offer FREE lessons?
    YES! I have a new service for a free 1 to 1 vocal lesson with me. + you will have the chance to apply for a special offer after our free session!
  • Is this for everyone?
    No and yes! I have various packages depending on your needs. If I was an amateur wanting to discover the basics I would start from the Basic PRO plan. If you want to take it a step further I would recommend applying for the The Ultimate PRO plan. In this plan you'll discover more than you need to be honest but you'll start singing better almost at no time!
  • How long does it take to sing better?
    It's a lifetime process and progress. Most of my friends, including myself, we're still warming up before our sessions, lessons and shows in order to be ready for those high notes with attitude and power. I promise you that after taking PRO-oriented vocal lessons you shall see results in almost a week if you train hard. There is no magic here! You have to put the effort while having the right guidance.
  • Do you believe in talent or do you think everyone can sing?
    Everyone can sing. PERIOD! Of course there are limitations by design. I can't promise you that Sinatra could sing the notes that Chris Cornell did, but I am sure that it could make a difference and have something unique to say if he tried to sing Hard Rock songs. If Sinatra wanted to sing high notes he could possibly do and he could possibly reach notes we can't even imagine if he's taken the time to be trained properly. The point here is if you have the talent you can surely explore in an easier way than most of us. But then again most of the PRO singers are not as talented as you imagine, they just work their asses off every-day!
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