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How to use electric guitar octave tones.

Hi there, this is a new video on how to use melodies with octave pedals in stacking mode.

What is stacking mode on pedals?

It is the usage of 2 drive pedals simultaneously in order to enhance harmonics, sustain and the overall tone of the guitar.

Main areas to consider when approaching octave tones:

1. Start slow

I usually tend to start slow and from there add tiny elements in order to build up my melodies when soloing/improvising. That said, it's better to give your audience a sense of challenge on what is coming rather than going directly to the point.

2. Use less drive

Using less drive you achieve more clarity especially when the octave pedals are engaged. Therefore, the melody is more clear and the tone more unique.

It's all about your unique instrument and YOUR way of playing.

3. Focus on the tone

Listen to your favorite tracks and solos and find out what your heroes using.

Try to emulate their tone to YOUR point of view and create something surprising.

Always think simple!

Thx for watching. See you on the next video!

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